Real Estate

From the acquisition or sale of a condominium or a single family home, the establishment and division of joint ownership property, to the acquisition or sale of a portfolio of commercial properties, transfer and encumbrance (mortgages, easements, servitudes), establishment and transfer of hereditary building rights. Private individuals, in particular, should give some thoughts to the […]

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From formation to liquidation for partnerships and corporations, capitalisation, transformation and group restructurings. We take care of all your corporate matters: Choice of appropriate legal form for individuals managing their assets, professionals, businesses or charitable organisations, founders and entrepreneurs. When you start a new enterprise one of the things to consider is the best legal […]

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International Legal Relations

Crossing borders legally safe. When foreign companies engage in business in Germany and set up their own entity here – subsidiary or branch – , it is necessary to provide proof to the German Commercial Register that the foreign entity actually exists in its home state, and how it is duly represented. Without such proof […]

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Transaction Support

As a former transaction lawyer I know what is required. Transaction preparations Ideally, we will be involved at a very early stage of the transaction. We will take care of powers-of-attorney and proof of representation taking into account the requirements of international law. We are familiar with the peculiarities of many legal systems and continue […]

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Collateral Security

From landcharge to sharepledge we can deal with more complex and more extensive security portfolios. Land Register Inspection We are able to inspect all landregisters in electronic form directly and thus are able to cover almost all of Germany with the exception of those few land registers where the records are not yet kept electronically. […]

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Wills, succession in companies, protection of the family’s assets, structured transfer of the family’s assets to the next generation. Sometimes the intestate succession provided for by law may not quite meet the testators intentions. Usually parents may want to pass on to their children all of their assets once both of them are deceased. As […]

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Together we are strong: promoting the common good within a sound framework Most people will connect associations with non-profit organizations furthering the common good through the promotion of cultural, social, or religious goals. However, associations are also an effective organizational form for non-profit oriented or commercial purposes. In all cases we will assist you in […]

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Precautionary Legal Measures

Provisional power of attorney, patients order, guardian appointment. Provisional Power of Attorney Many people are not aware of the fact that they are not able legally to represent their respective spouse or life partner, or their children of full age. In such cases there exists no statutory power of attorney which would allow them to […]

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