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to the homepage of notary Dr. Gronstedt, LL.M. We are pleased that you have found us. On the following pages we would like to introduce to you our team and our vision of what we can do for you in terms of notarial services.

Notary Dr. Gronstedt is a notary’s office, located in the heart of Frankfurt, right next to the Opernplatz and across from the concert hall “Alte Oper”.

Officially appointed in 2007, notary Dr. Gronstedt and his team has focused since 2008 to serve his clients in all of their notarial matters. It is our goal and ambition to be a notary combining the highest quality of service with a most individual approach and bringing our international experience into play. We support our attorney clients enabling them to provide a most professional service to their clients.

Find out on the next pages where we see our core competences and how we may best support you with your matter.